10 of the best Coffee Visuals

10 of the

Best Coffee


During our time scrolling through coffee related visuals on Pinterest, we’ve come across some memorable quotes, slogans, posters, and memes about the drink and its powers. You can check out more things coffee on our Pinterest page, but below are our top ten coffee related images that we have found, enjoy!

1. What Would Jesus Brew?

3dd3f635a9315a260f838813bb61d656This still image from american TV favourite The Simpsons features a rather witty coffee slogan conveniently placed on a mug, it’s a good question but a rather unnecessary one, as we all know Jesus is praying for coffee here.

2. Step Aside Monday… This Is A Job For Coffee

cf7a6c022359c98f29bb4fd4f3cb7f86Coffee can be a superhero on any day. However, on a Monday it is a particular lifesaver, helping people up and down the country to get through those difficult first few hours of a post-weekend low.

3. Todays To Do List b0636163acdaf57e546e7ff7835e1e36

If only most to do lists were as simple as this and didn’t have many more points after those four. However, we still agree that the first four points are a perfect way to start the day no matter what comes after.

4. Coffee Before Talkie


This simple yet effective visual perfectly describes the inability to hold a conversation before you’ve had your morning coffee.

5. The Problem With Coffee…1ef5b7af81bef6d7c98f09248c6483b7

This visual perfectly describes that classic coffee drinker conundrum, trying to make coffee when your tired.

6. Keep Calm Caffeinated & Carry On8f75a97b6ece8bfcb9e0865a5a4b419f


A variation on the famous (now slightly annoying) second world war poster. However keeping calm is much easier said than done, so why not just stay caffeinated?

7. I Only Need Coffee Days Ending in “Y” 4ad6391b3ff4b831bebb72a3e348ca75

This poster seeks to provide some justification and means of denial for any coffee addict, albeit in an amusing way.

8. Too Much Monday, Not Enough Coffee81d0a437bb7723855d9ee80e6b95d69e

Another visual relating to the monday blues. Unfortunately the Monday/Coffee ratio never seems to be quite right.

9. …A Silent Scream For Coffeecc9ef0b73dc3aa4ea25435788324dd16

Like your stomach rumbling, a yawn is a desperate yearning for the sacred liquid coffee.

10. Coffee Is the Answer…9fdd1e5e2c6d04f7cc01636215ccedac

All of life’s most taxing questions can seem less so with coffee. This also looks like it’s written on a teachers blackboard, who is clearing setting the right example to his/her pupils!

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Coffee Songs

Coffee Culture:

Songs About Coffee

In This round up of Coffee Culture we take a look at music stars who have been influenced by the dark elixir, and are not shy about showing it in their songs.

Coffee & TV – Blur (1999)2411518H3gF8K3w

Despite reaching only 11 in the UK singles chart this became one of the britpop band’s most popular radio songs, and was unusually sung and written by the bands guitarist Graham Coxon instead of normal singer/songwriter Damon Albarn. The song notifies the importance of coffee as a liberation from everyday life, and is the second single from Blur’s variably reviewed sixth album ’13’.

The song also features a famous video in which a milk carton simple known as ‘Milky’ goes in search of guitarist Graham Coxon  who has run away from home in the story. The video follows Milky’s dangerous journey to find Coxon in which he falls in love with a strawberry milk carton before finding Coxon and returning him to his family. The video is widely acclaimed, and has won several awards, and Milky was auctioned off after filming.








Acclaimed: Milky in search for the lost Coxon in the famous music video & the cover of the Coffee & TV single released in 1999.

UK Singles Chart Position: 11        UK Album Chart Position: 1

Coffee Line: “So give me coffee and TV, peacefully, cos I’ve seen so much i’m going blind, and i’m brain-dead virtually”. (A perfect tribute to the powers of coffee). 

One More Cup Of Coffee – Bob Dylan (1976)241331102WlFMY6z

‘One More Cup Of Coffee’ is the fourth track (non-single) on legendary American folk singer Bob Dylan’s seventeenth studio album (Desire). The song is performed as a duet with Emmylou Harris and is thought to have been inspired by a trip to France. The song is supposedly about the gypsy families in the region of France that he visited, and documents the tale of one gypsy girl in particular. It has been thought that the song could be a metaphor for Dylan’s relationship with Sara.


Featuring on a critically acclaimed album, the track has gained a cult following over the years with many bands covering the song either live or in the studio. The most famous of which being The White Stripes who covered the song on their self titled debut album (1999) & Robert Plant on his album Dreamland (2002).








Cult Following: The song has been covered by artists such as The White Stripes and Robert Plant.

US Singles Chart Position: N/A            US Albums Chart Position : 1

Coffee Line: “One more cup of coffee for the road, One more cup of coffee ‘fore I go To the valley below”. (Sounds like a plan Bob).

One Cup Of Coffee – Bob Marley (1962)2415589SZb4NrV0

Before Bob Marley became a huge reggae star he wrote this heartbreaking song about divorce as one of four early singles before he even released an album, in fact ‘One Cup Of Coffee’ was released under the pseudonym ‘Bobby Martell’.  The Jamaican singer sounds a lot different than in his reggae hay day, hence it  provides an interesting point of reference in his career.


The song sounds a lot more upbeat than the lyrics are and this provides an interesting, bitter-sweet contrast to the song. Interestingly this early single was also released the same year as Jamaica gained full independence from the United Kingdom (6th August 1962).









Early Days: The original vinyl single of ‘One Cup Of Coffee’ & a young Bob on the compilation album ‘Songs of Freedom’ in which ‘One Cup Of Coffee’ features.

US Singles Chart Position: N/A             US Albums Chart Position N/A

Coffee Line: ‘Though I just dropped by to let you know, That I’m Leaving you tomorrow, I’ll cause you know more sorrow, One cup of coffee than I’ll go”




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New Year’s Coffee Resolution: 9

New Year’s

Coffee Resolution

# 9

Save Money

Trying to save more money is a classic new year’s resolution especially if you are worried about money being tight after an expensive holiday season. However, it can be difficult  to cut down on spending in everyday life, and even saving just a little more every month can be very difficult to achieve. The perfect formula is to try and still enjoy quality items but try and cut down on spending lots on these items. Naturally this can be difficult to achieve.


If you are a coffee lover, and a lover of high quality coffee you should consider looking at Espresso Deco’s range of coffee cups and coffee bean directory where you can find elegant coffee cups and top quality coffee beans at very reasonable prices.

New Year’s Coffee Resolution: 8

New Year’s

Coffee Resolution


Exercise more

One of the all time classic new years resolutions, and for a good reason. Exercise makes you feel good, helps you lose wight, and generally helps to keep you healthy, but the problem is it’s very hard to stay motivated to exercise. It can be easy for the first few two weeks of the year but almost impossible for the remaining fifty, hence the multitude of jokes about new year’s resolution goers.


If you are determined to exercise more this year then you should consider using coffee as a motivator in the morning. Caffeine will give you that get up and go to start the day and, as part of a balanced diet, is also a wonderful fat burner. As part of a balanced breakfast coffee is the prefect aid to start the morning for early morning exercisers.

New Year’s Coffee Resolution: 7

New Years

Coffee Resolution


Reduce Stress

Reducing stress after a busy Christmas period is on many people’s new year’s resolution list as people are worried about their stress levels and the impact it can have on blood pressure. Many people aim to be more relaxed in the new year, but this can be difficult to achieve and hard to find ways of doing so. Many people try and go out jogging which does ease stress but can be difficult to motivate yourself to keep it up. Many people who attempt this resolution struggle to pinpoint exact ideas to help improve their stress levels.




If you are worried about stress then coffee has been proven to have a small effect on lowering blood pressure and levels of stress if drunk in moderation. Coffee has been shown to have an overall calming effect, but it is of vital importance that it is drunk in moderation as over-consumption can swing stress levels in a negative way. If you want to try and reduce stress with coffee take a look at Espresso Deco today.

New Year’s Coffee Resolution: 6

New Year’s

Coffee Resolution


Quit Smoking

To quit smoking is one of the classic new year’s resolutions, the unhealthy addiction is a major worldwide killer and is therefor an obvious candidate for something to ditch during the new year. The problem with quitting smoking is that it is notoriously difficult and even with government help and specialist products it can be an unreachable goal.


If you manage to give up smoking then taking up something like coffee can be an option, getting into the habit of drinking coffee could be beneficial to giving up smoking and has been shown to have a range of health benefits, and is naturally high in anti-oxidants. If you want to get into the habit of drinking coffee then visit Espresso Deco for all your coffee needs.

Coffee Films

Coffee Culture:

Films About Coffee


“Coffee and Cigarettes” (2003)

This film is pretty much what it says on the tin, however, what you don’t get from the title is that it is actually 11 black and white short films all revolving around coffee and cigarettes as their main theme. Actors involved include Steve Coogan, Bill Murray, and Cate Blanchett as well as musicians such as Iggy Pop, The White Stripes, and Wu-Tang Clan.

coffee and cigarettes

The idea of each short is to depict two completely different characters on the same table, show them arguing, but still almost enjoying each others company at the same time.

The film was directed by Jim Jarmusch, and the aim was to make the 11 shorts build one on top of the other to achieve a cumulative effect. The idea of the shorts is to show the world at a normal place, and a cafe seems the ideal place to do this. In the words of IMBd, director Jim Jarmusch ‘shows just how absorbing the obsessions, joys and addictions of life can be, if truly observed.’

Review Scores:

IMDb –  7/10          Rotten Tomatoes – 64%


“Black Gold” (2006)

A documentary film about the growing strife coffee farmers face in Ethiopia, this film is designed to be hard hitting and really get you thinking about what goes into the coffee you are buying. The film received relatively strong praise culminating in it winning the award from best achievement in production at the 2007 British Independent Film Awards.


Directed and produced by Marc Francis and Nick Francis of Speakit Films, the film follows the effort of an Ethiopian Coffee Union Manager (Tadesse Meskela) to cut out the huge gulf between mega-rich coffee companies and starving african coffee farmers. What follows are numerous harrowing and eye-opening stories of struggling farmers and their families on the quest to obtain a fairer price for the beans that they work so hard to produce. The film gained a lot of press coverage due to its content and the debate that surrounds it, The Washington Post said the film was a “poetic and hard-hitting critique of the global coffee industry” and The Daily Telegraph called the film “a moving but scandalous story”.

The film also contributed to a lot of good. The ruined school shown in the film was rebuilt, and Tadesse Meskela was invited to number ten downing street to discuss the major concerns with the coffee industry.

Review Scores:

IMDb – 7.1/10      Rotten Tomatoes – 84%


“Black Coffee” (2014)

Black Coffee is a rom-com just released this year detailing the troubles of main character Robert (Darrin Dewitt Henson) after being fired from his fathers own painting company just after meeting his soulmate Morgan (Gabrielle Dennis). Robert takes advice from cousin Julian (Christian Keyes) who owns a lucrative business selling coffee to local businesses.



Julian advises Robert that he needs to leave what he calls the ‘plantation’ of white-owned business and start a business of his own, using his own coffee business as a glowing example.  The film which released on January 10th has received an initial lukewarm press with Sheila O’Malley of Rogerebert.com describing the film of having a confused agenda and too many supposedly inspiring lectures. She also says while the film ultimately means well, it ends up being a big mess that not even promising actress Gabrielle Dennis can salvage.

Review Scores:

IMDb – 5/10          Rotten Tomatoes – 40%