A Deposit Return Scheme Is A Vital Part Of A Sustainability Program

Coffee shops go through paper goods very rapidly, due to the high volumes of customers they serve. Many shops have developed sustainability programs to reduce waste. Paper products contribute to waste that is hostile to the environment. Coffee shops that want their processes to be more environmentally friendly have a range of options they can choose from.

Sustainability in Coffee Shops

Coffee shops may use real cutlery rather than plastic spoons. They may purchase coffee from organizations that buy beans from sustainable growers. The use of permanent filters is another way to make a coffee shop business more environmentally friendly. Paper filters are used frequently throughout the day in a coffee shop. Using permanent filters greatly reduces the amount of paper waste produced. But, there are other ways to become more environmentally friendly, beyond replacing plastic utensils with real cutlery and using permanent coffee filters.
There are many provides in the UK that offer plastic cups for coffee shops. When plastic cups are used, shops can adopt a deposit return scheme that becomes part of a sustainability program and will likely draw new customers who prefer to do business with environmentally friendly organizations. Those same customers tend to favor businesses like coffee shops that have adopted sustainable practices throughout their organizations. Adopting a deposit return scheme for coffee cups will help your organization bring its sustainable practices to the next level.

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Why Use Reusable Cups?

-Buying reusable cups will reduce costs for supplies after the initial purchase.

-Attract new customers who look for companies with sustainability programs.

-The deposit return scheme helps encourage customers to return their cups, as they pay a small deposit on the first cup.

-Reusable cups are washable, for those customers who return their cups and don't plan on using them again. This is great for people who stop by on holiday.

-There are many companies that offer reusable cups. You can choose to do business with a company that offers quality plastic cups and has a good reputation.

-Using plastic cups that can be washed and used again fits with the UK's plan to reduce waste from single use drink containers.

-Many plastic cup brands are made of non-toxic materials and are designed to last. At the end of their use, they can be recycled, so they do

not contribute to landfill waste. 

-In the UK, a new plan to ban single use cups and plastic cutlery will soon be in effect. Your coffee shop can become complaint before it has to.

-Reusable cups fit an overall sustainability program nicely, especially for coffee shops where drinking cups make up a large proportion of supplies used in coffee shop businesses.

-Reusable cups come in a variety of colors and can even display your business's logo. It's a great way to promote your environmentally friendly business without spending more money on advertising.

The deposit return scheme is an enhancement to any coffee Shop or business that sells plenty of coffee. Using washable cups and charging a small deposit is a great way to let customers know your business is environmentally friendly.