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Welcome to Espresso Deco.

We'd like to introduce you to something that's understated, simple and beautiful.

We have espresso cups in many shapes, sizes and colours.

But sometimes, you just want the coffee to speak for itself.

That's probably why the White Espresso Cups & Saucer set by Aida is our most popular cup.

Would you agree?

Espresso Cups & Coffee Makers For You!

Espresso Deco provide a unique range of Espresso Cups, Glasses, Stovetops and Espresso Makers in the UK. Incorporating classic design with European craftsmanship, an artistically-styled Espresso Cup from Espresso Deco is the perfect way to enjoy your drink.
You'll struggle to find our beautiful cups anywhere else!

We're passionate about good coffee, and what we drink it out of - that's why Espresso Deco only provide high quality espresso cups. Each espresso cup and saucer set is fully photographed and described with information on Design, Style, Weight, Price and Shipping Offers.

If you are looking to order high quality espresso cups in sets then Espresso Deco have just what you are looking for. Whether it's a single cup and saucer or sets of espresso cups as a Gift or for your home or place of work then Espresso Deco have a range of styles and colours for you to choose from.

Variety is the spice of life so we brought some of that spice to our product portfolio! We do appreciate an eclectic mix of designs but the shape is nothing without colour or pattern. We have Doppio cups, Single Espresso Cups and Shot Glasses in most of the colours of the rainbow including White Espresso Cups, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Platinum, Brown and Black - all made from quality porcelain.

About Espresso

Espresso is a popular drink from which many beverages are produced. Espresso is produced by forcing hot water at high pressure through finely ground coffee beans. Espresso is often consumed individually after a meal or as a base for a Coffee drink. Known for its caffeine content, a mark of high quality Espresso is the crema which appears upon the drink.

Helpful Service

We take time over choosing which items to stock, test out our coffee makers and aim for good quality, and great value in our products. We apply a similar approach to customer service. If you have any questions about any of our products please don't hesitate to ask — simply use our contact form, or alternatively you can catch Espresso Deco on Twitter or Facebook.

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What's In A Cup?

What do you look for in an Espresso Cup? Read our Guide To Choosing An Espresso Cup.

The Espresso Deco Blog

We share our own news, new product information and coffee industry news on In The Company Of Coffee: The Espresso Deco Blog.

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Excellent Coffee Makers

We value the espresso cup. We respect the principles of design which influence the manufacture of the cups we sell. But great design is nothing if the contents of the espresso cup are not up to standard. That's why we provide Coffee Makers which match the quality and reliability of our espresso cups. Our Espresso Stovetop Coffee Makers are made by Italian company Bialetti, arguably the most famous Espresso Stovetop manufacturer, a company with history and pedigree.

The most recent addition to our Coffee Makers is the Aerobie AeroPress. This brilliant coffee maker is an affordable, reliable alternative to stovetops, cafetières and espresso machines. The AeroPress makes great coffee quickly, smoothly and strongly.


Our Glassware Range

As much as we love coffee, we are aware that other drinks exist! Our glassware section includes a number of glasses for espresso and coffee, but also glasses that can be used for regular daily water, juice etc. Danish manufacturer Aida aren't just focused on creating interesting coffee glasses - thankfully, they also make great beer glasses with a good European-style look.

Manufacturing & Usage

Where are our Espresso Cups manufactured?

Espresso Deco source our cups and saucers in Europe. The current range of cups is manufactured by the award-winning company Walküre in Germany. Walküre couple great design with excellent production standards to bring us unique, colourful cups in reliable, comfortable and, importantly, heat-retaining porcelain. Drinking from a lesser cup would only devalue the enjoyment of your espresso!


Our cups are made to good production standards. When you hold one you'll certainly believe this. Whether it's for the regular espresso drinker, the weekend espresso drinker or even someone looking for "Nespresso" cups or a cup to accompany another popular brand our cups are a great match. For further information about usage and looking after the cups please see our Care Instructions.

Shipping Information

We are based in the UK and can ship our products throughout Europe and worldwide. We currently have a flat rate for UK delivery, but can quote for shipping to any country with the aim of a low-cost, quick delivery. For further details please see the shipping page.

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